Cxx.jl - The Julia C++ FFI

Cxx.jl is a Julia package that provides a C++ interoperability interface for Julia. It also provides an experimental C++ REPL mode for the Julia REPL.


There are two ways to access the main functionality provided by this package. The first is using the @cxx macro, which puns on Julia syntax to provide C++ compatibility. Additionally, this package provides the cxx"" and icxx"" custom string literals for inputting C++ syntax directly. The two string literals are distinguished by the C++ level scope they represent. See the API documentation for more details.


Now, this package provides an out-of-box installation experience on all 64-bit "Tier 1" platforms for Julia 1.1.

pkg> add Cxx

Building the C++ code requires the same system tools necessary for building Julia from source. Further, Debian/Ubuntu users should install libedit-dev and libncurses5-dev, and RedHat/CentOS users should install libedit-devel.